“Julene has not only transformed my skin but she has also transformed my life. Julene promotes healing from the inside, with a tailored wellness approach that clears the way for your body to function optimally and harmoniously. Every appointment leaves me feeling deeply calm, clear – which translates directly to beautiful, glowing skin!

I used to really dread facials. Now, with Julene, I count the days before she gets her hands on my face. My skin has never felt so healthy. And it’s not just from the treatments! Julene’s approach to skincare goes beyond our sessions – my daily regimen is transformed under her guidance. It’s been like having a health coach for my skin!”

– Elise E

“Hands down the best facial I’ve ever had.  Julene has worked wonders on my skin in only a couple of months of seeing her.  She is so knowledgeable on her techniques and products. I will definitely be a life-long client”.

– Nicole J.

“Julene’s expertise is essential in helping me successfully cope with rosacea, allergies, and extreme early sun damage. Her skill and guidance is a cornerstone to my ongoing care and has provided me with a personalized solution!”

– K Goldy

“If you want to escape into a completely gentle, refreshing, healing garden of delight, you should visit Julene.

Her open arms have received and revived me in the best and worst of times over the years. I always walk out feeling beautiful and full of hope.

Julene is open, curious and intelligent. She seeks and gives all that she learns. I have complete trust in her capable care and am always in awe at the power of even a 15-30 minute rejuvenation.

Julene is a sage, an old soul moving in rhythm with the secrets of healing. Namaste, Julene! With gratitude.

– Mary Miller Doyle

“Julene’s passion, expertise, knowledge, and professionalism cannot be underscored enough. Her kindness, magic touch and way with people are only a few of the reasons I keep coming back for the best skin care treatment in Portland. I highly recommend seeing Julene so you can experience pure goodness and glowing skin firsthand!”

— G.N.

“I’m in a state of shock.  I’ve literally had hundreds of facials over the last 25 years and I am now in possession of the softest, yummiest skin EVER!  Full disclosure, I am an esthetician and I love to network and find inspiration from other estheticians. When I met Julene at a training, I was so impressed by her knowledge and her personality that I just had to book an appointment.  I received an oxygen treatment and microcurrent; the oxygen treatment was a first-time experience. It was so refreshing and unique and I could feel the difference within seconds of the application. This facial made me feel like I had “gone to the mountain”.  I don’t ever want to come down! See Julene, as soon as possible!”

– Jane C.

“I hesitate to write that I couldn’t live without Julene because it sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s really not. I hate having acne. I hate having rosacea. Both of these things were the bane of my existence before I started seeing Julene on a regular basis. I’m thrilled to report that both are under control since she has been working her magic! My skin is clear. I dare say it’s even radiant. When I do have the occasional flare-up, Julene comes to the rescue.

She appreciates that I’m a minimalist with skincare, so the daily regimen she has recommended for me is minimal and it works. If you’re looking for a foo-foo facial with lots of massage, relaxing music, and a tranquil atmosphere you’ll be thrilled with her oasis of calm and pampering. If you’re looking for “down and dirty” skincare that will keep your demons at bay, she’s a pro with that too. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

— Kristen

“ I’ve been getting regular facials from Julene for nearly 19 years. Julene understands my skin and how it changes and customizes her treatment at each visit. ”

— Coby

“Only that day dawns to which we are awake” – Henry David Thoreau. Being present in the moment is how I spend my visits with Julene. Her nurturing facials go beyond skin deep. ”

— Christina K.

“ I think you should let everyone know that you have let the secret out – I now understand what women see in getting a facial! ”

— Steve

“ I have known and gone to Julene for many years. She has kept my skin young, fresh and clear the entire time I’ve had the pleasure of going to her. Her bedside manner and touch is unsurpassed. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her expertise and kind heart. ”

— Melissa A.

“ Julene has helped me keep my skin perfect through many events and changes in my life. Her knowledge is so extensive that I trusted her with facials even during pregnancy when I was really careful what I put in my body. I love that she keeps up to date with new techniques and research on skin care. I wouldn’t use anybody else. ”

— N. Perez

  I have been a client of Julene’s for over a decade and always appreciate Julene’s passion for continuing education in her field. She is not only an expert esthetician but she meticulously researches the science and technology of skincare. Without falling prey to every new trend, her method is constantly evolving while staying true to her core mission of creating beautiful, healthy skin with a very clean and simple approach. ”

— Kathryn W.

“ My first visit with Julene many years ago was nirvana! Seriously! Her hands are magical. She is so intuitive and sensitive to her ‘patient’s’ needs. My time with Julene is genuinely all about me; a rarity in my hectic life. Our world would be much calmer and more peaceful if everyone could have an hour with Julene. I tell everybody I know about her. Any time I’ve strayed for a facial when out of town, my skin rebels. I’ve learned my lesson. I remember a social event I attended after a session with Julene where an acquaintance remarked, totally out of the blue, that my skin looked fantastic. What better testament than that! ”

— Nancy

Julene is a pro. She knows her stuff when it comes to skincare and how to adapt a regimen as your skin changes over time. Plus her knowledge of skin and how to get it and keep it healthy goes way beyond the products.”

— Amy

“From day one Julene has made me feel incredibly comfortable. She is always on top of all new skincare options and always has a new idea for me to try. She has truly become a great and treasured friend along with being my amazing esthetician.”

— Stephanie L.

“I have been going to Julene for at LEAST 15 years, and there’s a reason why…she’s amazing at what she does! Julene takes the time to talk with you about your skin routine, trouble areas, your skin goals, your skin routine. She has consistently grown in her field with new techniques and approaches. I have not had another person touch my brows since Julene started doing them… and no one will!”

— Frank

“The microcurrent treatment rocks!! It reduced my crows feet by at least 80-90%, no joke!! I am thrilled!!!”

— Karen

“I had always thought that advanced skin care was simply a luxury, like a trip to the spa. I also used to think using quality products was quite frankly out of my budget. Boy, was I wrong. Julene helped me realize that while price points may be higher upfront, quality products last much longer. I think I am actually saving money and I feel really good about my skin care regimen. My skin is happier!”


“Before my first appointment, we had a phone consultation about my skin condition, my concerns, and her suggested treatment plan. My first visit was amazing. Julene administered a variety of soothing and cleansing treatments, including microcurrent. My skin is challenging, but with Julene now at my skin care helm, I know I am in the right hands. Julene has a solid knowledge of skin and its treatment from the inside out, which I highly value. It is great to really trust the person who is remedying the condition of your face, the first thing people see when you meet. And, being new to Portland, we are meeting lots of new people, with me having an extra layer of confidence thanks to Julene!”

— Kristi

“I discovered Julene by word of mouth about 10 years ago and have never looked back. Julene has quelled my fear of aging with her miraculous facials and meticulous attention to my skin. I recently received a gift certificate to a big spa in town and got 2 hour long facials only to be majorly disappointed with the results: I looked the same afterwards! After 1/2 hour on Julene’s table, I look 10 years younger. Now, that’s what I’m talking about – results! Thank God Julene lives in Portland. We are blessed!”

– JA

“Julene Passmore’s passion for vibrant and healthy skin is inspiring. My face looks so much younger after one of her treatments and this uplifts and tonifies not only my skin, but my spirit as well!”


“I have phenomenally sensitive skin – over the years I’ve had a handful of facials from some of the ‘best” estheticians in town and have always regretted having gone. HOWEVER, Julene is the fabulous exception. She’s extremely knowledgeable and gentle. She’s judicious in her approach and she listens. My skin looks way better after she’s spent time with it, which is contrary to my previous experiences.”


“ My skin is in the best condition that it has ever been. I am thankful to Julene for the care, attention and advice that she provides me with concerning my skin. ”

— L.D.