You know that product Hope in a Jar? Don’t buy it.

If you’re here, you’ve probably been looking for any kind of hope you can smear on your face.

After all, we all want glowing, healthy skin.

And while I believe in using good products, the real key to glowing, healthy skin isn’t in a jar, a bottle, or a pump. Or even in a syringe.

So what is the key?

I’ve spent 20 years honing and providing it to thousands of clients — people who come in with what I’d call “tricky skin” and end up with the best skin of their adult lives.

The key is supporting our skin from the inside-out.

That’s the one thing that works.

Not throwing acid at your skin.

Not vitamins that are formulated by branding experts rather than skin experts.

Those don’t address the real culprit behind breakouts, rosacea flare-ups, dry patches, and other sensitivities.

Hormones, diet, and environmental toxins may play a part. But, the real culprit, the one usually affecting your hormones and food choices? It’s stress. Here’s the kicker:

It’s not your skin that’s sensitive. It’s you.

And that’s a good thing! Who wants to hang out with insensitive people?

Your emotional sensitivity makes you a wonderful and powerful person. But if you don’t manage it right, it’s going to wreak havoc on your diet, your digestion, your nerves, your hormones, and your face.

That’s why, in addition to being an expert about the right products to apply and ingest, I’m also a stealth expert on stress. I can find where it collects in your body — jamming up your neck and your facial muscles, and blocking your pores.

When we get jammed up and sticky, circulation is restricted, meaning fewer nutrients to your skin. The lymphatic system can’t flow, so toxins start to come out in your skin.

While I do have some cool equipment and tools, nothing compares to using my hands. I can feel and release tight, sticky tissues and clear stagnant fluid. It’s the foundation for lifted, toned facial muscles.  It’s also the key to clearing skin problems like breakouts. It’s the best thing ever.

Repeat after me:

Where there’s flow, there’s glow.

I didn’t make that up, but it’s definitely a thing*. One I stand behind (and occasionally repost on Instagram.)

That sums up my approach to your skin: creating the flow that brings the glow.

It sounds basic, but it’s cutting-edge stuff. I’d guess that most estheticians don’t operate this way.

They want you to have great skin, but they’re still relying on outdated techniques like peels, microdermabrasion and lots of extractions.

These may feel like they’re working, and are sometimes useful in certain situations, but they may actually be causing more challenges in the long run.

These techniques don’t address the most important factor in beauty:

That your skin is wise.

All the cells talk to each other.

The most important player in this communication chain-of-command is the outer layer. The epidermis. The part we see.

If we’re constantly messing with our skin’s upper-level management, Ms. Outer Layer — sandpapering her, acid-burning her, picking at her and more — she’s going to go haywire, or worse yet be out of commission. Going off the grid, taking the week off from email.

And then what happens? The weakened outer layer compromises the health and integrity of the rest of our skin. And all the cells below are now out of balance because they aren’t receiving good information. Combine this miscommunication with stress, jammed up, sticky necks, environmental toxins, etc and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Hello, flare-ups, zits, scaly patches, and blotches that you can’t really hide with that cover-up, though nice try.

So my advice is to treat your skin kindly. Support the systems that nourish and detoxify, stop abusing it with over-exfoliation and harsh (or toxic) ingredients and learn tools to manage your stress. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your true, natural beauty will rise to the surface.


*”No flow, No glow”™ by Angela Peck, Holistic Esthetician and Nefeli Co. Gua Sha trainer.