I understand your skin challenges because I’ve been there, too.

Around 19, I developed cystic acne.

As you can imagine, it’s devastating.

My face hurt. There was so much inflammation it gave me headaches.

But it hurt my confidence even more. I’d look in the mirror and think, “Who IS that?” I’d left the house feeling good, but by afternoon, I’d have a huge, volcanic zit on my face – sometimes several.

I went to all the doctors and dermatologists. I tried all the things. Well, most of the things (I wasn’t into taking harsh medications like Accutane, though I did try some antibiotics and topicals). But what really bothered me was no one could explain to my why I was breaking out.

And that’s what led me to school. I wasn’t getting answers or solutions, so I decided to find them myself.

I did get results for myself and clients using traditional methods. But what I’ve learned recently has taken those results to a whole new level.

And as for my own skin? I used to think I naturally had pink, blotchy skin. Nope! I was listening to the “experts” and over-exfoliating. My skin is now way more even and all I use for makeup is tinted sunscreen. And a little eye makeup for fun.

I’m not the only judge. I get constant compliments on my skin. Jaws drop when someone learns my age.

People are shocked when they find out I struggled with acne, too. You’d never know.

So perfect timing, finding me at this moment — when I’m better equipped than ever to help you achieve the beautiful, glowing, compliment-worthy skin you’ve been dreaming about.

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A glimpse at my 20+ year career path within Professional Skin Care:

  • Oregon Certified Esthetician 1999
  • Post Grad diploma from the International Dermal Institute 2002
  • Basic & Advanced Certifications in Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage 2003
  • Certified in Microcurrent by Bio-Therapeutic 2005
  • Studied Skin Care Ingredients for Cosmetic Professionals at UCLA 2008
  • Certified Integrative Health Coach 2014
  • Certified by Dermaplane Pro 2017
  • Certified in Cosmetic Needling by Dr. Setterfield 2018
  • Nefeli Gua Sha Certified 2019
  • Dien Chan Zone Operator – Facial Reflexology 2019
  • Connective Tissue Massage for Face and Neck Certified 2019
  • Customized Esthetics and Business Coaching available – contact me!